Emergency Roof Leak Response

Christensen & Mclean Roofing Co. Ltd. is 100% dedicated to responding to emergency roof needs regardless of the time or day. Our experienced work force is dispatched in 2 person response crews which are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our response teams remain on call at all hours, prepared and ready to mobilize with vehicles and tools to ensure emergency repair work is not delayed.

Servicing commercial and industrial facilities in Alberta for over 50 years, Christensen & McLean Roofing Co. Ltd. has the qualified team to ensure your problems are resolved fast. When an emergency happens, no one wants to wait hours or days: you need immediate, first-response action and that’s what Christensen & McLean Co. Ltd. provide with their 24 Hour Roof Leak Response.

When it comes to a roof leak time is the enemy.

Your first step is to contact Christensen & McLean Roofing Co. Ltd. at 780-447-1672 or 780-982-2015 to initiate an emergency repair request.

Your next step is to implement a systematic approach to protecting the interior of your business or facility.

  1. Attempt to identifying the source location of the roof leak if possible by reviewing the interior of the building.
  2. Once identified provide a temporary water collection container under the source if possible. Always remember to monitor containers and empty as required.
  3. Remove moisture sensitive items such documents, computers, and furniture away from the affected area.
  4. Items that cannot be moved from the affected area should be protected with plastic to avert additional damage.
  5. Water collecting from the roof leak within a ceiling space is a major concern. If you notice this, penetrate the ceiling with a screwdriver or other sharp object to allow the water to drain. This will help prevent the ceiling from additional damage or collapsing. A hole can be repaired, but a heavily water-damaged roof is dangerous and may need to be completely replaced.

An emergency roof repair is completed under extreme roofing conditions, typically classified as a temporary repair. Once the roof conditions improve there is a requirement for a supplementary followup to complete the permanent repair.

The main objective of an emergency repair crew is to stop the immediate leak and water penetration to the building. The emergency repair crews’ second responsibility is to document the roof deficiencies and forward this information to our administration so a follow up proposal for any permanent repair work or re-roofing required can be generated.

Emergency Response Service provides an efficient, easy-to-use system for responding to your emergency needs at any hour, 365 days a year. To meet all your roofing needs our company is poised with trained personnel and the right equipment to deal with your emergencies and get you back in business, quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption.

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