Our Client Portal is for existing Christensen & Mclean roofing clients using our real-time roof asset management system. At Christensen & Mclean roofing we craft Facility Management tools to fit your specific needs. Christensen & Mclean roofing gives you access to information on your terms. Whether you are in your office, at your home or in the field you get to the information you need. If you are not currently using our Client Portal but would like to learn how we can help you track your roofing projects, maintenance, future repairs and budgeting in real-time, contact Jason Bent by phone at 780-982-2011 or by email at


One Touch Solution For All Your Roofing Needs

  • Cost Effective Roof Asset Management
  • Recognized Industry Leader Since 1958
  • New Roof Installation, Repairs & Replacement
  • Full Eavestroughing Services & Snow Removal
  • Customized Roof Maintenance Program
  • Customized Sheet Metal Flashings
  • Roof Inspections

Why Use RoofPro?

  • Users can expect to reduce overall operating costs of their roofing assets over the lifetime of the roofing system, while prolonging their lifetime
    of their roof.
  • Access historical expense and capital spending figures to help substantiate additional capital and expense costs 24/7.
  • Develop accurate budgets and utilize real time figures of outstanding expense inventory and project capital expense that can be weighted according to the importance of the assets they protect.
  • To take proactive measures to help
    detect minor problems before major damage is wide spread and to prevent business disruptions.
  • To maximize the validity of your warranty. Even a brand new roof requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning as intended. Without regular maintenance many warranties become void.
  • Brings the roof to the boardroom at the press of a button. Quick easy
    and seamless.